Giubelli Ltd. Was born

In 1990, the entrepreneur Giubelli Gilberto founded Giubelli Ltd.: a tolling mechanical turning workshop located in Rebecco di Guidizzolo.
In just a few years, thanks to founder’s enthusiasm and entrepreneurial vision, the company faced its first changes and specialized in the design, construction and sales of customer-designed hydraulic cylinders.
In a few years the company’s popularity grew and the name of Giubelli is now known throughout all Europe.
The company, in order to better meet the needs of an international clientele, decided to also specialize in the manufacturing of small mechanical components.


Technological evolution
We support the future

In full innovative inspiration, Giubelli decided to provide his company with the best existing technologies.
The workshop became more and more technologically advanced and was among the first ones to be equipped with CNC lathes that allowed high-precision machining performances. To meet every need, Giubelli Ltd. is now also equipped with machining centers, lathes and other robotic systems, welding stations and positioners.


New Company Headquarters
Safe inside and outside

The continuous investments in technologies and knowledge, brought Giubelli Ltd. to grow.
Precisely for this reason, in the early months of 2000, the company decided to set up a larger and more adequate headquarters.
3,000 square meters of floor area make the new premises a pleasant and safe place not only for our 25 employees, but also for our customers and suppliers.


3D design
Even more intelligence for a revolutionary system

Taking care not only of standard cylinders but also of customized cylinders, we wanted to equip ourselves with a system that would allow our customers to easily understand the technical specifications of the products even during the design phase. For this reason, already since 2007 we integrated our systems with a cutting-edge 3D software that would allow the technical office to easily interact with our customers and satisfy every request.

2014 al 2018

We became a 4.0 Company
The most advanced cylinders in the industry

To keep up with our products’ high standards, we embarked on a 4-year journey in which we studied, designed and finally created a cutting-edge software able to manage the entire production cycle.
Thanks to this software, the design of the cylinder made by the technical department is sent to the production department that autonomously asks the intelligent warehouses for the necessary parts to obtain a finished product. Also thanks to this investment, we became a full 4.0 company and we want to continue with this innovation direction.


A company constantly evolving

Thanks to our specialized team we study, process and design new technologies to improve our products every year. Behind each cylinder stand precise decisions that make it unique: from the choice of investing in production processes to designers, assemblers and salesmen that develop safe and resistant products with great ability.


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